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  • Spreadsheet

    Spreadsheet script runnable inside includes a custom DataGrid and a parser for simple formulas e.g.: =1+1 =SUM(A1,A2) Add your own functions to the evaluate function. For a more comprehensive implementation check out

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    Posted: 13 years ago by Phillip Trelford

  • Toml parser (untyped)

    Untyped version of toml parser. The lines of code was reduced 173 to 45. It's based on some implementations in other languages ( I was surprised that even a parser written in Objctive-c was simpler than mine ( Then I read some others code and found that removing types which describes toml values simplifies the implementation. The code may seem little crazy, but I'm fine :)

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    Posted: 10 years ago by nagat01

  • Finite State Machine Compiler

    Based on Uncle Bob's State Machine Compiler for Clean Code video series, parser implemented with FParsec, see for Uncle Bob's Java implementation.

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    Posted: 9 years ago by Phillip Trelford

  • Parsing UserAgent strings with FSharp

    Identify user's browser, Os and device by the browser's UserAgent string.

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    Posted: 5 years ago by Tuomas Hietanen