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  • Configure F# Interactive to use Microsoft.ML.Net

    Until FSI gets package references, we are to reference DLLs individually. This script sets up the FSI session to use ML.Net - assuming the required packages are loaded in the default location for the solution. Required packages are listed in script comments.

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    Posted: 9 days ago by Faisal Waris

  • Functional wrappers for TryParse APIs

    Exemplary convenience wrappers for some of the System..TryParse APIs, using the combined power of F#' return value deconstruction mechanism via pattern matching, active patterns and option types instead of "out/ref" parameters. Added support for newest versions of F# to determine which overload of TryParse should be used.

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    Posted: 12 days ago by Novox

  • Tagless-final encoding

    Derived from

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    Posted: 13 days ago by Eirik Tsarpalis

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