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  • Simple example of cross platform Eto forms library

    Simple example of Eto library usage for drawing

    Posted: 4 days ago by Antonio Cisternino

  • Reversing RELEASE_NOTES.md

    Reversing RELEASE_NOTES.md Very ugly version hacked together in a minute

    Posted: 12 days ago by Gustavo Guerra

  • Event stream projection with actors

    An example of using an actor (MailboxProcessor) to coordinate the projection of events from an event stream into a persisted projection. This example covers handling simple concurrency conflicts via also persisting and checking the latest event ID with with projection. The update command will take the current projection and apply all new events before persisting it back. The rebuild command will ignore an existing projection and replay all events in the stream.

    Posted: 14 days ago by Daniel Bradley

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  • NUnit Sugar

    Some simple functions for writing more idiomatic F# tests with NUnit.

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    Posted: 3 years ago by Ryan Riley

  • Hello world (F#)

    Classical "Hello world" example that prints a message to the console output. This version uses F# printfn function to do the printing.

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    Posted: 3 years ago by Tomas Petricek

  • Minimal XML DSL

    This snippet provides a very small internal DSL for creating and querying XML using the underlying XLinq classes.

    328 people like this
    Posted: 3 years ago by Blake Coverett

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